Our Mission & Philosophy

To promote personal health on all levels, which in turn fosters community health.  Sugar Ridge exists to provide a space for you to be nourished in body mind and soul.

To make the world a healthier place, we must first heal ourselves, one aspect at a time. Sugar Ridge is a place to get started on that path, or deepen your journey.

This centre has been created out of love and compassion for all creatures who visit this sacred space.

Candle lit


Sugar Ridge is located on the not so ancient stomping grounds of the Wendat people of Huronia.

The name Sugar Ridge is derived from our beautiful maple forest which provides us with ample maple syrup in the spring. We are located on a large ridge overlooking the Wye Marsh and Georgian Bay.

Sun shining through treesSugar Ridge started as a dream of Liz Frost about 20 years ago. After having a wonderful experience at a retreat centre, in the middle of January, with a remote forest cabin, Liz wanted to share the experience with others. Kurt joined the dream when he married Liz and after several years of searching for the right property they found Sugar Ridge in 2005. Building the retreat centre has been an uphill battle. The project was meant to be because for every roadblock a solution followed close behind. Everything has fallen into place to make the dream a reality.

It is our dream that one day we will be able to offer low cost or free programs to groups who really need to experience the peacefulness here.

Sugar Ridge is small enough to be managed by the owners, which provides a unique service to our guests. Chances are your meals will be cooked by Liz and Kurt and they do the laundry too!