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We offer wholesome, vegetarian meals which include as many organic and local ingredients as possible. Why not try some of our favourite recipes at home?

Why Vegetarian?

In keeping with the philosophy of what is known as ahimsa, or non-harming, in yoga, we try to minimize the harm done in order to feed people. This means not killing animals for use in food. We prepare each meal with love and compassion for those we feed.

Environmental Issues

As noted in a recent report from the World Health Organization, it is more beneficial to the environment to be vegetarian than it is to reduce fuel consumption in your home and/or car. Being a vegetarian and driving an SUV is much healthier for the environment than eating meat and driving a small fuel efficient car. Article on environmental reasons for eating vegetarian.

Why Organic?

There is lots of debate as to whether organic food is better for you or not. Our personal experience has been a change in physical wellness when eating organic foods. We also think flavours are richer. It costs much more, but why not err on the side of caution and do less harm to the environment? We are lucky to have an organic farm literally around the corner from us.  If you live near us you can contact John Williams at Pine House Farms (705-526-8036) to buy produce. We also produce a lot of our own produce in the garden here at Sugar Ridge.

You don't have to be vegetarian to enjoy the food here. We have surprised many die-hard meat-eaters with how great vegetarian food can be. It's not just salad and boiled potatoes! Check out our menu, or better yet, come and taste for yourself.  We dare you!

If you want more information on being vegetarian or on animal rights issues visit the Toronto Vegetarian Association or PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)


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Living The Radiance Within Retreat
October 31st to November 2nd



Holiday Parties
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Kripalu Yoga & Meditation Retreat
November 7th to November 9th

Your Yoga Retreat
November 14th to November 16th

Planting New Seeds - Bend Yoga Retreat
November 21st to November 23rd



Holiday Parties
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Marriage Counselling Couples Retreat
December 5th to 7th

Vegan Cooking & Baking Classes
December 12th to 14th


January 2015

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Retreat
January 4th to 9th

Fostering Intimacy Couples Retreat
January 30th to February 1st


February 2015

Yoga and Meditation Retreat
February 20th to February 22nd


April 2015

Life After Kids Couples Retreat
April 3rd to April 5th

True Peace Sangha Retreat
April 10th to April 14th


June 2015

Certified Professional Cancer Coach Program - Level 2
June 19th to June 21st


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