Maple Syrup

For a unique spring getaway, visit Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre near Midland, Ontario. Our property is named after the beautiful tree product: Ontario maple syrup!

Our Maple Syrup is made the old fashioned way with a wood fire and poured off by hand under the watchful eye of John Williams, an incredible neighbor and organic veggie farmer. Visit us for a spring getaway if you want to see it done. There is nothing like the smell of boiling sap in the air.

Why not take home a taste of Sugar Ridge?

You can purchase Sugar Ridge syrup at the retreat centre, or online at Williams’ Farm Store.

Price List:

250 ml $8
500 ml $14

Maple Syrup Storage Tip: Maple syrup rarely goes bad, but it can lose some flavour.  For the best taste, store it in the freezer and just keep what you need in the fridge.

We have approximately 2000 taps in 30 acres of maple forest.  John uses plastic taps connected to lines which run via a vacuum pump back to the sugar shack.  

The window of time we can produce syrup is very small. Usually the season lasts between 2 and 4 weeks. The amount of production is determined by the weather. We need the nights to be cold and temperatures to drop below 0 and then to warm up during the day to up to 5 degrees above zero. Any warmer than that and the sap stops flowing. If it stays cold it doesn’t start flowing. Regardless of the temperatures somehow the sap gets up the tree. It can happen over a few days or a few weeks. Some days sap buckets are overflowing and on others they are dry.  

Tapping is always a guessing game. Once taps are in the trees they can be used for approximately 4 weeks and then the tree starts to heal the wound created and it is closed off. We generally tap in mid-March and finish in early April. Taps are removed from the trees and cleaned, ready for the next year.

Enjoy it with breakfast when you’re here!