Here are some excellent products, programs, workshops and conferences that we highly recommend! If it’s on this page, it’s because it’s something we resonate with and feel good about sharing and vouching for. Check them out! We’ll keep this page updated with different things we find, so check back regularly.



The Food Revolution Summit is an important and inspiring event host annually by Ocean and John Robbins.

Notes from them on copy:

Email is the best. If possible, we recommend a solo message today or tomorrow, possibly one Thursday, and then a final one early Friday morning. Please remember that we’ve provided suggested copy – but the best copy is when you are the person your subscribers signed up with in the first place. Write from the heart. Why does food matter to you? Why are you so passionate about the food revolution? What’s at stake for you – and for them? Maybe take the chance to be a little vulnerable. And remember- sometimes shorter messages get a lot more clicks!