Ask Some Questions and Get on Track! (Detox Week Retreat primer!)

Liz and I are excited for next week’s “Detox” Retreat.  When we ran this retreat this past spring people really got a lot out of it.  It will be an honour to help some new people get clearer on their life in next week’s program.

A big part of the retreat will be working with you to envision a new goal or direction for yourself.  This is an important step and we will take time developing it.  However, once you know what you need to be doing to move towards your goal, you need to find ways to keep on track and make it a daily priority.  A great tool was proposed by Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith, which he calls Daily Questions.

 The idea is simple:

  1. Come up with a list of questions that inquire about following though with tasks that support achieving your goal(s). (Here is a list of Marshall’s questions.)
    1. Questions should be very specific.
    2. Questions can only be answered with a “Yes”, “No” or a scaling number (i.e. on a scale of 1 to 10 or number of times you did something).
    3. You can have as many questions as you want, but having 10 or less means it will only take minutes to do.
  2. Share your daily answers to the questions with a support person to whom you can be accountable to.
    1. This will keep you on track as you know someone else is watching and waiting for your regular responses.
    2. The support person could be a person whom is also sending you their answers and you can co-support each other.
    3. The support person could be a coach or a caring friend, but they need to make you accountable to answer daily.

This tool is applicable to staying on track with any goal you are working on, so try it out!

We’ll work more with this tool at the retreat.  If you have not already registered, consider doing so now.  If you can’t make it for the whole week, come for just a few days.  Let us work with you to get your life on track and start living the way you want to!