Meditation at First Light

We love Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons First Light event.   First Light is a Christmas celebration Sainte-Marie holds every year at the historic site.  It is always a crowded event with many visitors walking through the many candle-lit buildings, listening to live, seasonal music and sampling Christmas baking!  There is also a craft sale with many amazing local artisans and Sainte-Marie collects massive amounts of food donations to give to a local food bank.  It is easy to see why this is one of our favourite events of the year!

A highlight of the event for us is the longhouse, where there is an aboriginal drumming circle.  Sitting around a fire, listening to an elder tell stories, teach songs and drum for the group.  It is not only fun, but a very meditative experience.  It is definitely Liz’s favourite place to be at the event and she will sometimes sit there for an hour listening and meditating.  On weekends that we have groups at Sugar Ridge during First Light, she has invited guests to come with her to experience this with her.  Tonight is no different.  The participants of the Yoga & Meditation retreat will be there soaking it all in.

A videographer friend of ours, Alla Lifchits, was there on Thursday and made this amazing video, touring through the event.  She really captured the feel of being there, so we wanted to make sure to share this with others who could not make it… or inspire others to come out tonight for the final evening of the event.