Feeling Burned Out? Tired all the time? Having difficulty with your relationships but not sure why?

Learn to stop spinning and greet your life with awareness and acceptance.

In today's connected world, it is easy to get caught up running on the hamster wheel and neglect to take care of yourself.

Today's demands on your life are unrelenting. 

It is next to impossible to fully unplug from work, and the degree with which the world is linked means that even though your office may close at 5pm, there is always something going on that requires your attention.

Expectations are high from your family with pressure coming from both above, i.e. aging parents, and below (human and/or furry dependents).

Financial pressures squeeze you every day as well. There is always a new bill to pay, and retirement is something that is always on the back-of-your-mind. It seems both near and far away. You also worry if you will have enough saved for when it finally arrives. 

It's easy to allow the negativity and stress to take over and control your life. But you don't have to...

I want your permission to give you a taste of one of the techniques I regularly teach the guests at my retreat centre, in the hopes that you can find some immediate relief in your busy life.

This is a technique that will only require 5 minutes to try, is safe, and suitable to try it on your own..

Let's start..!

Alternate Nostril Breathing: (5 minute exercise)

Hand Gesture

Step 1: Tuck the index and middle finger of your right hand in towards your palm.

Step 2: Breath in and out fully with both nostrils

 Step 3: Begin by holding the right nostril closed with the thumb of your right hand and inhale through your left nostril.

Close Right Nostril

Step 4: Close the left nostril with the ring finger of your right hand and release the thumb, exhaling through the right nostril.

Step 5: Next breath, inhale through the right nostril, close with the thumb and release the ring finger, exhaling through the left nostril. This is the end of one round.

Tips: - Two full inhalations and exhalations is one round. - Always start and finish through the left nostril. - Start with 5 – 10 rounds. - If you like this exercise and keep practicing it, you can work up to 10 minutes of breathing this way.

But hey, if you only have time for one round it’s better than none!

Why do it? Your breathing is directly related to your nervous system and since you can control your breathing, to some extent you can have an effect on your nervous system. 

Alternate nostril breathing brings balance to the nervous system. It is calming and energizing. It helps to balance your mood. Because this calms your nervous system, which your brain is part of, it also helps to calm a restless mind. Partly because you are focusing on your breath and coordinating a hand gesture as well, your mind is occupied with what you’re doing, rather than chasing squirrels.  

This breathing technique helps clean your lungs, improves brain function and feels revitalizing. If you’re feeling stressed, alternate nostril breathing will help calm you. If you have to go into a busy work day, attend a meeting or simply be more alert and calm at the same time, then this breathing technique will help you.  

Wow! I feel better already and it only took me 5 minutes...! I want more of this stuff!


I truly believe in helping you which is why I want to share more of these techniques.

With your permission, I will share more exercises with you in the hopes that you can find some daily relief in your busy life.

These are all techniques that require only a few minutes to try similar to the above, are safe,and suitable to try on your own.

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Liz's Story

Hi, I’m Liz Frost and I’m passionate about health, wellness and helping people find inner peace and feel fulfilled in their lives.  

This wasn’t always my life. Twenty years ago, I was working as a Chartered Accountant, financially successful, but not truly happy. I was bored and unfulfilled, feeling like there was much more to life than sitting in an office day after day. I was living quite comfortably but I didn't feel I was making a difference in other people’s lives or in the world. This was when I had what felt like a spiritual calling; to create a retreat centre where people could go to reconnect with whatever part of themselves seemed lost.

I traveled, backpack style, for a couple years before returning to school. Completing an M.A. Ed. through Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax resulted in me becoming a psychotherapist. I bring an eclectic mix of training in many different models of therapy which results in therapy being tailored to one’s needs.  

I am also a certified yoga teacher and teach yoga as a form of meditation, incorporating mindfulness into daily activities.


Liz facilitates a deep and profound experience of reconnecting with self and healing. ~ Paula P., Fonthill, Ontario 

Liz was extremely accommodating and put me at ease from our first email correspondence. She was genuinely concerned and wanted to ensure I was comfortable in every session. I have already implemented many of the things I learned into my daily life. ~ Sarah D., Ontario 

I really appreciate all of the tools provided to keep me focused on my personal goals. I have complete confidence that I can follow through and get where I want to be. ~ Lori B., Sarnia, Ontario

Warning: Side effects of a regular meditation practice include elevated self-esteem, self-confidence, better communication skills, better relationship dynamics, improved immune system functioning, lower blood pressure and at times walking around with a smile for no apparent reason.