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Meditation Retreats

We host meditation retreats all year! 
From completely silent to dip your toe, testing mindfulness,
we have what you’re looking for!

At Sugar Ridge, quality time means me time.

A wise teacher, and a wise centre, needs to offer a whole range of skilful practices, because people come along at different stages of their inner development, with different temperaments, and with different sets of problems.
-Jack Kornfield

Mindfulness has a host of physical benefits, and it causes people to become nicer, improves mood and concentration, and find joy in the littlest of things in life.  Who doesn’t need more of that?

There are hundreds of meditation techniques and many ways to improve mindfulness as you go about your day to day activities.  No need to sit cross-legged on the floor or have your mind be a blank slate.  Our retreats offer a sampling of many techniques so that you can see what works for you and let go of the rest. 

We offer a variety of retreat schedules and formats so you can choose what will work for your schedule and your comfort.  Some people are nervous to be in silence and want a more social retreat, whereas others want extended silence to work through a deeper issue.  Both are valuable and you may find them helpful at different times.

The following list of retreats categorizes them by type of retreat, length of stay and retreat content.

One Day Meditation Workshops

A longer getaway isn’t always possible, so we often offer day-long workshops.
Usually, from 9 – 4ish and includes a yummy lunch. 

                                             ***Not available at this time***                                                           

Weekend Meditation Retreats 


Get Your Glow On! Yoga Retreat

Fri, Jul 31 – Mon, Aug 3, 2020




Mindful Self Compassion – A Weekend Retreat

Fri, Aug 7 – Sun, Aug 9, 2020


Gentle Yoga and Meditation: Ditch Your Stress Weekend Retreat

Fri, Aug 14 – Sun, Aug 16, 2020


Rebalance Weekend Retreat

Fri, Aug 21 – Sun, Aug 23, 2020

Sacred Journey Retreat with Liz Frost & Friends

Fri, Sep 4 – Mon, Sep 7, 2020

Thanksgiving Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Liz Frost

Fri, Oct 9 – Mon, Oct 12, 2020


Rebalance Weekend Retreat

Fri, Nov 13 – Mon, Nov 15, 2020

First Light Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Liz Frost    

Fri, Nov 20 – Sun, Nov 22, 2020

First Light Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Liz Frost    

Fri, Nov 27 – Sun, Nov 29, 2020

First Light Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Liz Frost

Fri, Dec 4 – Sun, Dec 6, 2020















Week Long Retreats

Longer retreats offer a deeper immersion into practice. Silent Week long retreats are held in September, December and over Easter every year.  Choose from 2 – 7 nights stay.  Everyone starts together at the beginning of the retreat and you leave after 2, 5 or 7 nights as you wish.  Being in silence isn’t oppressive, it’s a gift we give to ourselves and to each other.  Having precious time to think and reflect is a wonderful gift to yourself.  The schedule is the same every day, allowing you to rest into the format and observe yourself as you move through the day.  Noticing your reactions to moments can be fascinating, and it’s an opportunity for growth.  As you notice your reactions you build self-awareness


Upcoming Silent Retreats

Silent Meditation Retreat in Ontario (2, 5 or 7 nights)

Friday September 11 – Friday September 18

Sun, Dec 6 – Sun, Dec 13

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

This is a wonderful introduction to using meditation for stress reduction, and coping with difficult emotions. It is offered as a week-long intensive retreat with all of the core teachings and techniques of the full program. Side effects include inner peace, reduced stress, personal growth, mental calmness and improvement with mood. This week is offered three times a year with upcoming dates of:

Create Your Escape!

This retreat is an opportunity for you to create whatever you need.  For some that may mean doing something different every day in the area and for others it can mean parking the car, and not going anywhere, or you can have a few days of both.  Park the car and chill for a couple days and then venture out to explore the area.. 

Summer Retreat with Yoga, Meditation & Beach Time – Escape the City!

Sun, July 12 – Sun, July 19, 2020

Summer Retreat with Beach Time – Escape the City!

Mon, Aug 3 – Fri, Aug 7, 2020

Summer Retreat with Yoga, Meditation & Beach Time – Escape the City!

Mon, Aug 10 – Fri, Aug 14, 2020

Summer Retreat with Yoga, Meditation & Beach Time – Escape the City!

Mon, Aug 17 – Fri, Aug 21, 2020

Autumn Retreat with Yoga, Meditation & Quiet Time – Escape the City!

Sun, Sep 13 – Thu, Sep 17, 2020


Winter Holiday Getaway

Fri, Dec 18 – Wed, Dec 23, 2020

Winter Holiday Getaway

Sat, Dec 26 – Sat, Jan 2, 2021


Meet Your Facilitator!

Liz Frost

Liz Frost

Liz Frost, founder of Sugar Ridge shares mindfulness in every retreat she facilitates. Some have a bit more formal practice than others.  Often outdoor or offsite activities are included depending on the season or theme of the retreat.  Yoga is taught as a form of meditation, getting in tune with the physical body and noticing connections between emotion and mental states.