Mindful Eating Retreats

Feed your soul!  Follow your heart!  Find your way!

Eat, Move, Love, Thrive!

Welcome to Sugar Ridge, where you are invited to relax into being.  Let go of doing and just be.  Take time for yourself to do whatever makes your heart sing.  Leave feeling more like yourself. Rejuvenate and create healthy habits!  One habit we like to encourage is mindful eating.  We don’t believe in dieting, but we do believe in paying attention.  Noticing how your body feels when you eat a certain way.  Noticing your mood.

Mindful Eating Retreats provide you with a way of changing your relationship with your body, weight and food forever. 

These retreats are ideal for you if are sick of the relentless inner dialogue about your body and food, and if you’d like to stop dieting forever and allow your body to find its natural weight. The benefits of reconnecting with your body include:

  • Feeling more presence and greater sense of calm
  • Increased ability to regulate emotions 
  • Interrupt disturbing emotions and thoughts before overwhelmed and reactive
  • Create a genuine sense of internal freedom
  • Find natural alignment with your weight and food intake
  • Healing old pains and overcoming dislike of the body
  • Increased self compassion, self-acceptance
Mindfulness is correlated to a lower incidence of obesity, increased physical activity, and reduced binge eating. After a mindful eating program people experience:

  • Decreases in food cravings
  • Reduced distorted thinking about food/eating
  • Reduced body image concerns
  • Reduced emotional eating
  • Cognitive restraint around eating

Mindful eating leads to natural decreases in weight, binge eating, depression and perceived stress.

We love to eat and we love to feed people.  Meals served here are simple, super yummy, organic, healthy and good for the planet (because they’re vegetarian).  No need to do the dishes but you can cook if you want to.  Many of our food based retreats include cooking classes (optional of course).  We round out eating retreats with other healthy habits like yoga, meditation, forest hikes, canoeing or skiing.  Celebrate nature of which you are part.

Weekend Retreats

Mindful Eating, Yoga and Meditation Weekend Retreat with Liz Frost
Fri, May 10 – Sun, May 12, 2019

Week Long Retreats

Spring Cleanse: Ayurvedic Meditation and Yoga Week Retreat
Sun, Apr 7 – Fri, Apr 12, 2019
Learn How To Feed Your Dosha!

Summer Cleanse Juice and Raw Food Detox Week
Mon, Jul 1 – Fri, Jul 5, 2019

Fall Cleanse Juice and Soup Detox Week
Thu, Nov 7 – Tue, Nov 12, 2019


Liz FrostLiz Frost

Liz Frost M.A. Ed, RP, is a mindfulness coach, certified yoga teacher and Registered Psychotherapist (RP) in the Midland, Ontario area. She has studied with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli of the Centre for Mindfulness, Norman Feldman, Lee Lesser and most recently with Shinzen Young.

Liz was introduced to meditation in the early 90’s and found yoga as a form of meditation.  With a foundation in meditation and somatic based psychotherapy, she incorporates mindfulness into yoga practice. She is co-owner of Sugar Ridge and devotes her time and energy to making the world a more peaceful place.



Mike MurdochMike Murdoch

After finding my yoga mat, this journey has allowed me to find deep inner calmness and self-acceptance. Through this practice, I began to transform not just physically but emotionally as well. I now strive to spread this passion for yoga and mindful eating with anyone who’s willing, and firmly believe that yoga and a healthful diet, in some form, are accessible to everyone. Off my mat, I’m a Cordon Bleu trained chef in both Cuisine and Pastry. When not teaching yoga, I work as a freelance consultant; developing recipes for some of Canada’s largest food retailers. I’m also a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert; using knowledge as a tool to help people heal holistically with food. My true passion is helping individuals live more vibrantly through mindful eating, nourishing food choices, and a committed yoga practice.


Toni Gordon 
Registered Psychotherapist, Ayurvedic Counsellor, Yoga and Meditation Instructor.
I am  a graduate of the Centre for Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing (CAISH) where I became certified as an Ayurvedic Counsellor.  In addition, I studied Women’s Herbal Remedies at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, as well as Ayurvedic Psychotherapy at Renaissance Yoga and Ayurveda in Toronto.  I adore the philosophy of Ayurveda and decided to unite its ancient wisdom with more mainstream psychotherapies as a way of providing a more holistic and complete approach to mental health.  I am also a Registered Yoga Instructor (RYT-200) and like to include yoga as part of a healing plan for many of my clients.