Silent Meditation Retreats at Sugar Ridge

Silent Stillness

Whether you are in need of some space to think and reflect or are looking to nurture yourself in a spiritual and peaceful environment, this silent retreat provides the setting to return to yourself.

Take this opportunity to enter into the stillness of silence.  It is a wonderful way to reconnect with your inner wisdom and sort out the mental chatter of daily life.  

Time in silence helps you to feel revitalized by taking a break from communication and turn attention inwards.

You will have the opportunity to meet other retreatants at the beginning of the retreat and we will go into the silence after dinner on the first day.  

Ways to communicate if necessary will be explained with the initial orientation session after arrival.

Do you wonder what the heck you do on a silent retreat – isn’t it boring?  Isn’t it difficult to be quiet? Yes, and no.  
With the silence comes clarity of thought, motivation and attention.  Without distractions of communication, electronics and media you can focus on your own thoughts, become more self-aware and grow a little more.

  We will spend time with the following activities:forest valley - fall

  • Meditate – sitting, walking, eating & working are all forms of meditation
  • Personal practice of movement such as yoga which is done in silence and without instruction
  • Read spiritually uplifting books
  • Enjoy natural beauty  – walk from the Centre through forest trails
  • Connect with others in a deeper way – through shared experience without talking about it
  • Be nurtured by friendly staff and supportive teacher
  • Rest, recuperate and have time for reflection & napping
  • Enjoy delicious, organic vegetarian meals to nourish your body

    What are the benefits of being in silence?

  • Revitalize with fresh energy and deeply rest
  • Connect more deeply with your spiritual self, deepen or start your own practice
  • Access your own inner voice – gain insights and more clarity on life’s decisions, situations;
  • Spend time in nature and reconnect to the natural world
  • Clear blocks and open yourself up to greater creativity and inspiration.

    Morning_meditation.jpgThere is no religious focus on this retreat.  People from all paths and all walks of life come on retreat and benefit from the shared practice.  You could be Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Agnostic or anything in between!  In silence we can recognize our similarities as beings of love, desiring peace.

    Private meetings are available with Liz during the retreat.  You will have a sign up sheet available to book a time that suits you. The meetings generally last from 20 to 30 minutes, and there are no formalities. You may bring a question you would like to share, or you may come just to be together in silence and see what comes up.

No experience is necessary.  The initial orientation session will provide an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and to explore various ways to sit comfortably using a chair, cushion etc.

Work meditation is a daily period of shared work to take care of the daily stuff of life:  washing dishes, preparing food, sweeping the floor, cleaning the washrooms, weeding the gardens.  As we take responsibility for a task, we have another opportunity to become more aware of our inner dialogue.

We offer our Silent Meditation Retreats in September, December and over the Easter weekend.  Below are links to the individual retreat pages where you can view the schedule, cost and registration. 


Silent Meditation Retreat in Ontario, 3, 5 or 7 nights

Thu, Apr 9 – Thu, Apr 16, 2020


Silent Yoga and Meditation Retreat – 7 Nights

Fri, May 8 – Fri, May 15, 2020


Know Yourself, Forget Yourself: A Silent Week with Liz

Sun, May 24 – Fri, May 29, 2020