We love to get dirty at Sugar Ridge! We grow some of our own vegetables and herbs in an organic garden on-site. You are welcome to come and pull some weeds while you enjoy your stay here! Strawberries abound in June.

There are flower gardens around the retreat centre which we have tried to populate with native plants. We are letting most of the grounds remain in their natural beauty. There are lots of wildflowers to admire, depending on your season of stay. Even in winter the naked trees are gorgeous with their coatings of snow and ice.

There is a small kitchen garden with herbs and a few vegetables which we use on a daily basis to make those yummy soups.

We think of the whole farm as one big garden and try to be the best stewards of the forest that we can be. The cedar forest is very different from the maple forest and both are different than the pine/mixed forest. We encourage you to explore them all – though you may have to lengthen your stay! We have many varieties of wild apples which we love to share with guests from September to October. Look for amazing bird nests amongst the thorns of the hawthorn trees.

Our Plants

The Centre

Welcome to Sugar Ridge! It is our mission to provide a space for you to be nourished in body, mind and soul. From completely silent to dip your toe, testing mindfulness, we have what you’re looking for!