May 29 2024 - May 29 2024

Art of Healing with Arrole Lawrence – Secondary



Connect to Ancient Understanding

Heal Mind, Body & Soul!


This workshop pulls skills together in order to navigate personal traumas, events and unpleasant situations that continue to have a negative effect on your thoughts, feelings, emotions and outcomes you experience.  Breath work will allow your awareness to navigate into your body, and understand how you think, how you feel, and the emotional charges you experience.

This teaching involves the direct interaction with difficult issues, traumas, memories, events or situations stored in the chakras as color or frequencies.  These stored experiences have a tendency to lower the frequency of thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences.

Arrole Lawrence is a Saulteaux healer and band member of the Keeseekoowenin First Nation located in Elphinstone, Manitoba. Over 20 years of practice, he has worked through many First Nations healing centres across southern Ontario,  participating in thousands of healing sessions. The healing centres have given him extensive experience in addressing physical disease, injuries, issues of a mental and emotional nature. Trauma work, breaking cycles of addiction, ancestor healing and the disolving of spiritual agreements, are a big part of helping people achieve health, wellness and balance. Each client is guided to use deep breathing in order to connect to the heart. Once connected clients are instructed on how to navigate the physical, mental, ancestral and spiritual parts where issues manifest themselves as our illnesses, traumas, addictions or fears.

Sugar Ridge, has provided a space for hands on classes to be conducted that range from a Beginners class on self healing, a Secondary level Class and an Advanced class that is meant to solidify the knowing of self, as worthy, whole and complete.

Beginners Class:
90 minute teaching on who and what we are. Deep breathing and connecting to heart and self and performing healing on self. The afternoon will focus on clearing the mind of fears, self doubt, basic traumas work and performing ancestral healing.

Seconday Level Class (This workshop is at the Secondary Level):
90 minute teaching meant to bring back the awarenesses of the Beginners Class. Deep breathing with connections to self including your system called Innate. Dealing with contracts, shadow work, DNA pattern clearing, healing with Innate and manifestation.

Advanced Class:
90 minute teaching, advancing knowledge of self. Advanced shadow work, Soul recovery, clearing programs,clearing body and soul of attachments and access points. Learnng to create and use personal contracts, integrating self for walking ones own path.

We will deepen the use of all the skills to navigate the chakras, clear emotional clutter and shift to a more supportive set of experiences.


This day will include teachings and experiential learning of:

  1. Trauma and its effects on thought, feeling, emotions, memories, events, situations
  2. Ancestor healing, deeper and more complete
  3. Chakra clearing – thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, events, situations



Wednesday, May 29Friday, July 21
8:30 - 9 am
Arrive and enjoy a tea or coffee and get oriented to the centre
9am - 12:30pm
Morning session with Arrole
12:30 - 1:30
Enjoy a scumptuous vegan lunch
1:30 - 4pm
Afternoon workshop with Arrole

Meet Your Facilitator

Arrole Lawrence

Arrole Lawrence is a Saulteaux healer and band member of the Keeseekoowenin First Nation located in Elphinstone, Manitoba.  Before healing became his main focus, Arrole worked in economic and financial policy analysis after completing a BA from the University of Toronto in 1993. For the past 12 years, Arrole has worked as a First Nations healer and teacher at aboriginal community health centres throughout Ontario.  He currently resides in Orillia, Ontario. As an indigenous healer, Arrole helps individuals to quickly resolve, crippling physical ailments, patterns of depression, grief and trauma. Arrole's knowledge of accessing DNA blueprints and soul memory have lead to accelerated and long term healing for his clients.

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Wednesday May 29
Wednesday May 29
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