Oct 14 2022 - Oct 16 2022

Embracing Autumn: Fall into Yoga & Meditation

the rich sensory experience of the fall season

One of the most wonderful parts of living in Ontario is the transformational experience of seasonal change. Autumn reminds us to shed what no longer serves us, to celebrate the fruits of our labour, and to go within as we prepare for our upcoming time of winter ‘hibernating’.

This 3-day, 2-night getaway at Sugar Ridge will offer you an opportunity to step away from the busy-ness of life in order to be truly present in the rich sensory experience of the fall season.

being an authentic observer of self

Through mindful yoga classes, various styles of meditation, and contemplative discussions, and a Guided Journaling Workshop, you will have the time and space to reflect on the practice of slowing down and being an authentic observer of self. 

This is an ideal retreat for those who are experienced in yoga and meditation, but also appropriate for anyone who is brand new to these practices. Options are always provided, and all sessions are completely optional…you are here to nurture yourself and take care of your own needs. 


Friday 14th October
Arrive and settle into your cabin
Group Circle & Welcome 
Yoga Nidra Relaxation
Saturday 15th October
Rise & Shine Yoga and meditation
Going Within: A Guided Journalling Workshop 
Sensory Awareness Meditation
Guided Hike
Gentle Yoga & Meditation
Chakras Balancing Meditation
Sunday 16th October
YinYang Yoga 
Breakfast and pack up your cabin
Meditation & Closing Circle

Meet Your Facilitator

Jenny Jackson

Jenny Jackson has been immersed in Movement Education for more than 20 years. Jenny is a seeker of inner well-being, and she consciously aligns herself living with an open mind, an open heart and embodies joy & vitality which is reflected in her welcoming & inclusive style of instruction. She teaches with a strong anatomical influence while still deeply honouring the classical roots of yoga. Jenny believes that feeling vital and in harmony with others & within our own selves is the primary goal (in life and in our bodies), and practice should reflect this.

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Friday October 14
Sunday October 16
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$575 + HST for shared accommodation (up to 4 people of the same gender in a cabin)

$650 + HST Semi-private (just 2 people in your cabin)

$825 + HST Private cabin (just you in a cabin)


Shared - Cabin will be shared with up to 3 other guests of the same gender. If you are booking for just yourself, depending on the retreat, we will match you with other guests of the same gender.

Semi-private - Cabin will be shared with the 1 other person you are registering with. If booking alone, we will try to match you with someone of the same gender.

Private - Cabin for one person, not sharing with others.

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The Centre

Welcome to Sugar Ridge! It is our mission to provide a space for you to be nourished in body, mind and soul. From completely silent to dip your toe, testing mindfulness, we have what you’re looking for!

Please Note: This Retreat has now finished. See our upcoming retreats here.