Oct 25 2023 - Oct 25 2023

Feng Shui 101 with Sifu James

Feng Shui your space!

Bring harmony into your life, whether it’s a health issue, financial issue, family problems, children’s education, legal matters, or martial problems.

Integral Feng Shui is used to create a positive environment. We study the different types of energy, the chi, that comes into the house/office/garden. Environmental energy comes in through doors, windows and through the pores of the walls.  This energy  fills the house and will influence all things in the house, especially YOU and anyone else who lives there.

Shui is a practice that allows you to tap into the environmental energies  of your living space (work space etc.) in order to improve your life and feel energized.

There are formulas behind Feng Shui and you will learn how to apply some fundamental formulas to your home.(A house/ Apartment/ just a Room)

Feng Shui will include:

  • Identify which element you belong to: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water or Wood
  • Analyses the 4 Pillars to better understand which elements works for you or against you
  • Using a floor plan of your home you will explore your environment (house or office) including external and internal surroundings
  • We’ll discuss solutions on how you can create positive environmental impact and minimize any negative impact
  • Provide an understanding of the yin yang principle
In this day with Sifu James you will learn:
*  What really is Feng Shui?
*  How does it affect your Health and Wealth? 
*  Locate auspicious (prosperous) areas in your home.
*  Improve the inauspicious areas in your home.
*  Work on your own residential space with your floor plan.


Please bring a pencil, a ruler, and floor plan showing directions, and a photo showing your front door of your home.

Note: if time allows we will discuss the 2024 Feng Shui


Wednesday, Oct 25
8:30 - 9am
Arrive and get oriented to the centre
Meet & greet in the studio
9:15 - 12
Morning session with Sifu
1:00 - 4:00
Afternoon session with Sifu, Q & A

Meet Your Facilitator

Sifu James S. Foo

Master James S. Foo was born in Hong Kong and educated in England. He has an undergraduate degree in Nuclear Physics, a Masters degree in Computer Sciences, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. He came to Canada in 1978. His career included computer research work with I.B.M. Germany, computer work in England, as well as banking. He was a successful banker by the time he retired in 2001. Since then he has devoted his time to developing and refining his Qi Gong and Feng Shui techniques. Master Foo was born with the special ability to view Qi (energy) inside one’s body. After years of practice he was able to fine tune his skill, made keen observations of how Qi in the environment affects the human body, as well as how Qi moves within the bodily organs. With this talent he is able to help others find out about their health issues. Through his use and manipulation of Qi, he is able to help improve health conditions. This, coupled with his endless curiosity and scientific mind, enables him to develop simple Qi Gong techniques that are mostly unheard of. He is regularly consulted by medical doctors as well as alternative healers. Individuals also seekh him out for private health, as well as Feng Shui consultation. Master Foo has mentored many healers and Qi Gong Masters over the years. He has been teaching in both Ottawa and Toronto for the past few years. He established the Qi-matic Research Centre with the hope that rather than him helping to heal others, students can learn to help themselves. Master Foo’s workshops are always fun and informative. He has an uncanny ability to de-mystify complicated issues, simplifying them for easier understanding. Participants often feel that they benefit not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. His Ottawa workshop co-ordinator, Angela Fung, stated that she “witnessed many students of his were able to find the true cause of their challenges and overcome them. Many healing professionals were able to greatly improve their effectiveness”.


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Wednesday October 25
Wednesday October 25
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