Oct 18 2024 - Oct 20 2024

Full Moon Qigong Intensive for Daoist Energy: A retreat for Women

explore what you need to thrive

Learn the Daoist perspective on unique energetic and physical requirements of women.  Through the principles of Ikigai (your reason for being, your path to bliss) you will explore what you need to thrive in your life.

This retreat is intended to be highly nurturing and help women on the journey to acquiring the vital energy required for health in the physical body and more importantly, in the emotional heart.

Join us to Slow Down into Presence!

Each morning begins with a beautiful qigong opening to acknowledge the 7 directions and connect with the flow of energy within you. Qigong helps to shake out, nurture and regulate the energy channels within your body.   You will learn a lovely face massage, activate key acupressure points, and learn a Daoist breast massage (clothed).
We’ll celebrate the Full moon, with evening Daoist moon gazing practices outside around the fire on both nights.
No experience or particular level of physical ability is necessary.  All women are welcome!

Retreat Schedule

Friday, October 18
Arrive and settle into your room
Meet & Greet orientation, Gentle stretching and evening yin qigong
Moon Gazing outside by the fire + Warming the 2 Fires Practice
Saturday, October 19
Morning practice - Sacred opening for women and Land acknowledgement - Mantra for practice:  Open the body; Sink the breath;  Absorb the Mind - 7 Directions Qigong practice 
Qigong class:  gate opening, understand the uniqueness of women's energetic system, facial Qi gong, Daoist breast womb massage womb meditation, Wuji practice, exploring presence 
Meditation & breathwork - learn the Song breath and Reverse breath
The Three Daoist Walks
Full Moon practices by the fire:  warming the 2 fires and moon gazing
Sunday, October 20
Qigong Morning practice
Qigong class with teaching: Nutrition, Lifestyle, understanding
Stay as long as you wish to enjoy the ambiance, new friends and depart at your leisure.

Meet Your Facilitator

Jan Bull

I am Jan Bull. If you are called to my style of qigong, I'm joyed to practice together.  My goal is to share this beautiful but perhaps mysterious ancient healing form to promote healing on all levels.  I teach Qigong online and in person for general health and have a personal passion to support women and their unique needs health and wellness. The discovery of Qigong has helped me physically with my back, with prolapse, and inner homeostasis; but also with emotional equanimity and peace even while leaving a 40 year marriage. I have a Masters in Acupuncture from Maryland University of Integrative Health.  I live in Toronto, Canada after moving from USA during COVID-19 following divorce and a sexual healing journey. What a year that was! I study Daoist practices based on the teachings of Damo Mitchell and Roni Edlund. I offer classes specifically for women on cultivating vitality, sexuality, and breast, ovary and womb health. janbullacupuncture.com

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Friday October 18
Sunday October 20
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From $565

Tuition includes accommodation, all meals from Friday dinner until Sunday lunch, and all classes.

Rates are per person:

Shared  $565 + HST (accommodation with up to 4 people)

Semi-private $625 + HST (you and one more person in a room) Some cabins have 2 rooms.

Private $825 + HST (a room all by yourself) Some cabins have 2 rooms.

If you have any quetions, or need help to register, call us at 866-609-1793 or email [email protected]


Shared - Cabin will be shared with up to 3 other guests of the same gender. If you are booking for just yourself, depending on the retreat, we will match you with other guests of the same gender.

Semi-private - Cabin will be shared with the 1 other person you are registering with. If booking alone, we will try to match you with someone of the same gender.

Private - Cabin for one person, not sharing with others.

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18th October: Full Moon Qigong Intensive for Daoist Energy: A retreat for Women