Nov 30 2023 - Nov 30 2023

Introduction to Qigong: Movement And Meditation One Day Escape

You may be familiar with the solar and lunar calendars, but have you ever heard of the Seasonal Nodes? Originating in China and spreading to East Asian cultures, this calendar divides time into biweekly segments that reflect significant shifts in nature. These mini-seasons can help us to better understand and connect with nature’s cycles and rhythms, which in turn can support our body’s natural healing mechanisms.

For this workshop we will Embrace Xiaoxue (Minor Snow) the node for Nov 30th.

According to traditional Chinese Medicine, the Minor Snow seasonal node marks a time when there is a general lack of light and a correspondingly diminishing yang in the natural world. Following this node’s guidelines, it is recommended to nourish the kidneys and protect the yang qi (energy) by being a little quieter, more rested, and more inward-directed. You can engage in gentle movement and enjoy ginger tea to recharge. Doing so will enable you to tap into your creativity, form meaningful connections, improve your health, and gain a fresh perspective, giving you renewed energy and focus.

Spend the day exploring this way of viewing energy and vitality. No experience is needed and absolute beginners are welcome!


Thursday, November 30
9 am
Arrive and get oriented to the space
Getting to know each other with three most important questions
Qigong Introduction & Practice
Seasonal Node Therapeutic Traditions (TCM)
Lunch & free time (lunch is prepared with supportive foods for the node/season)
Forest Walk. Dress appropriately for the temperature to support the kidneys.
Qigong Practice and Meditation
Tea, relax and depart at your leisure

Meet Your Facilitator

Heather Stanley

Heather has spent over 30 years combining Eastern and Western disciplines for healing and personal growth. When she started taking classes with a well-known hatha and raja yoga trainer, she discovered a new way to manage stress and found that yoga became essential in her life. Heather completed a yoga teacher training program in 1993 and later left her corporate job to follow her passion for teaching, cycling, and art. Her dedication and experience led her to develop and facilitate a two-year comprehensive yoga teacher training program at Georgian College, which she did for 13 years. Heather is multi-talented and has training in various fields such as hypnotherapy, medical exercise therapy, nutrition, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong, and fine arts. She believes we are never finished learning and continuously enrolls in courses to keep growing and challenging herself. Heather’s approach is always focused on balancing strength and flexibility, dynamic and ease, and her classes emphasize traditional movement, breathing focus, meditation, and intention. Everyone who spends time with Heather can expect to move their body and encounter themselves on a deeper level.

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Thursday November 30
Thursday November 30
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