Mar 14 2024 - Mar 14 2024

Iyengar Yoga One Day Immersion

Enjoy this immersion in the beautiful Yoga style known as Iyengar, named after it's founder


The study of asana is not about mastering posture. It’s about using posture to understand and transform yourself.
This one day getaway is an introduction to Iyengar Yoga. Yoga is for all, it can be practiced by anyone. When you activate your body gently, with proper alignment, you can create sensitivity and bring heightened attention and awareness to all that you do. The body is your inner instrument, and it’s where you live. When body, mind and soul are integrated, one has a much easier time in life and finding joy is much easier.
 In this workshop we will practice asanas (physical postures) to develop strength and flexibility but also with attention and awareness in the mind.  The physical movement becomes a means to understand the connections of our body with our mind and breath.
 The Iyengar Yoga method is known for its focus on precision, alignment, sequencing, and use of props. But it is more than that. It is based on the eight limbs of sage Patanjali’s Yoga, where we discover ourselves through the body, mind and spirit to become whole and less fragmented. As we practice physical postures and breathwork (Asana and Pranayama), we bring energy to the body and clarity to awareness.

“Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known ever existed.”
BKS Iyengar


Iyengar is about physical alignment

Iyengar Yoga emphasizes precision of alignment in the yoga poses. Why is this important? People tend to stretch from their more flexible areas and rely on their better-developed muscles for strength, thus reinforcing postural habits. Iyengar Yoga encourages weak parts to strengthen and stiff areas to release, thus awakening and realigning the whole body. As the body moves into better alignment, less muscular work is required and relaxation increases naturally. Poses are individualized to each person’s body type and special physical needs by teachers well trained in anatomy and physiology. To address these needs, props such as blocks, bolsters, blankets and belts are commonly used in yoga classes to help gain physical alignment.


There is no particular physical ability or experience with Yoga required.  Because of the strict observation of physical alignment in every posture, many people find Iyengar is the best Yoga style to strengthen their body and get comfortable in Yoga.


Thursday, March 14
Pranayama (yogic breathing)
10:00 am
Asana practice (physical yoga)
12:00 pm
 Lunch and free time
1:30 pm
Group Discussion - philosophy of the Iyengar style
2:30 pm
Asana practice
4:00 pm
Enjoy a tea, depart at your leisure

Meet Your Facilitator

Abha Humeniuk

Abha Humeniuk has been practicing and studying postures and the philosophy of Yoga throughout her life. Growing up in India gave her a strong foundation in the essence of yoga.. She is a certified Iyengar teacher, currently teaching at her farm near Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada. Coming to Iyengar Yoga , understanding Precision and Alignment under Mahyar Raz ’s (director of Iyengar School of Toronto) guidance and mentorship in Canada allowed her to facilitate the deeper body mind and breath connections. Abha travels regularly to India to continue studying and is currently studying with Prashant Iyengar .( son of BKS Iyengar) Abha teaches people of all different age groups, needs and backgrounds.

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Thursday March 14
Thursday March 14
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$165 + HST for the workshop which includes a yummy, plant based lunch

Add a cabin to make your getaway a little longer $209 (includes a full breakfastfor 1 or 2)

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