Dec 13 2024 - Dec 15 2024

Mindful Self Compassion For the Holidays

Learn to be kind to yourself

This weekend is an exploration of self-respect, kindness and common humanity.  The holiday season can be a struggle for many people. Using mindfulness activities and self-care exercises including guided visualizations, journaling, reflection, yoga and meditation you will discover new ways of relating to yourself and learn skills you can practice in your daily routine and to cope with any struggles the holidays may present for you.

Accept your humanness

Developing compassion for yourself means that you honor and accept your humanness. You are not special or unique in the negative ways you may think.  Things will not always go the way you want them to. You will encounter frustrations, losses, you will make mistakes, bump up against your limitations, fall short of your ideals. This is the human condition, a reality shared by all of us. The more you open your heart to this reality instead of fighting against it, the more you will be able to feel compassion for yourself and all your fellow humans in the experience of life.

If you struggle in relationships it may be because you are not so kind to yourself.  As you take care of yourself, with kindness, you will show up in your life and in the world around you in a much different way.  Being kind to yourself allows you to be open, tolerant and accepting of others.  Just as you are not perfect, neither is anyone else.

Let this weekend be what you need to move through life with more compassion and kindness for yourself.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Do you put others before yourself always?  What happens if you consider your own needs?
Have you considered double standards that are unfair to you…”it’s ok for everyone else to fill in the blank, but not me”
Do you have a “stiff upper lip”?  What happens if you acknowledge your emotions?
Have you noticed a mean voice inside  – judging or criticizing yourself easily and frequently?
Is your motivation to change coming from a belief you are worthless or unacceptable as you are?

Self-compassion involves responding in the same supportive and understanding way you would with a good friend when you have a difficult time, fail, or notice something you don’t like about yourself.  Learn to be kind to yourself!  If that’s a novel idea, you need this retreat!


Friday, Dec 13
Arrive and settle into your cabin
Meet and greet in the studio, discussion "what is self compassion?"
Eating Meditation 
Deep self-care: Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation)
Saturday, Dec 14
Mindful Yoga class – or sleep… do what you need!
Self care session: Self acceptance, release self-criticism, loving kindness meditation
Self-care session 
Sensory Awareness - Guided Mindfulness practice
Free time – read a book, nap, or hike
Restorative Yoga      
Sunday, Dec 15
Gentle Yoga class or sleep – do what you need!
Breakfast and free time to pack up your cabin
Self-care session - how to continue the journey at home
Lunch – Nourish your body!
You are welcome to stay and enjoy the trails, the ambiance & your new friends.  Depart at your leisure.

Meet Your Facilitator

Liz Frost

Liz Frost MA Ed, RP, is a certified yoga teacher, mindfulness coach and psychotherapist. She was introduced to meditation in the early 90’s and found yoga as a form of meditation. With a foundation in meditation and somatic based psychotherapy, she incorporates mindfulness into yoga practice. She is the owner of Sugar Ridge and devotes her time and energy to making the world a more peaceful place.

Liz Frost, M.A. Ed, RP

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Friday December 13
Sunday December 15
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Tuition rates are per person

Tuition includes all meals, classes and accommodation.

Shared – $565 + HST (up to 4 people in a cabin)

Semi-Private – $635 + HST (2 share a room)

Private – $825 + HST for a room to yourself


Shared - Cabin will be shared with up to 3 other guests of the same gender. If you are booking for just yourself, depending on the retreat, we will match you with other guests of the same gender.

Semi-private - Cabin will be shared with the 1 other person you are registering with. If booking alone, we will try to match you with someone of the same gender.

Private - Cabin for one person, not sharing with others.

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13th December: Mindful Self Compassion For the Holidays