Mar 23 2024 - Mar 23 2024

The Essence of Breath

Reshape Your Life!

Explore breathing!

Your breath by nature is designed to keep you healthy, energetic, happy and full of vitality. Everyday stresses have an impact on your well-being. Did you know that your pattern of breathing changes due to stresses? These changes impact our wellbeing over time.

The good news is that you can positively impact all areas of your life by utilizing breathing techniques. There are a number of different methods that can produce immediate results; including stress reduction, feelings of peace and inner calm, improved focus, increased clarity, creativity, overall well-being and higher states of consciousness. Using the techniques can range from short sessions 2 to 5 minutes to 45 minutes per session/use.

During this workshop you will learn about the nature of the breath, how it is impacted by stressors and practice several breathing techniques which you can use anytime to improve your emotional reactivity, stabilize mood and overall wellbeing.

What will you experience as a result of the training:
 Greater awareness of your breath
 Strategies to use to reduce stress in your life, and in the moment for optimum health
 More relaxed and calm
 Increased clarity
 Greater focus

 Improved mood
 More energy and motivation
 Creativity
 Better sleep
 Increased resilience to deal with stressful situations


Saturday, March 23
8:30 - 9 am
Arrive and get oriented to the centre
9:00 am
Introductions and review the days agenda
Morning Workshop Session
Lunch and free time
1:15 pm
Afternoon Workshop Session
4:00 pm
Depart at you leisure but relax and enjoy the ambiance as long as you wish.

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Saturday March 23
Saturday March 23
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Tuition is per person

Your day includes all classes and lunch.

$165 + HST

Add a cabin if you want to escape overnight $209 + HST.


Shared - Cabin will be shared with up to 3 other guests of the same gender. If you are booking for just yourself, depending on the retreat, we will match you with other guests of the same gender.

Semi-private - Cabin will be shared with the 1 other person you are registering with. If booking alone, we will try to match you with someone of the same gender.

Private - Cabin for one person, not sharing with others.

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23rd March: The Essence of Breath