Oct 2 2022 - Oct 7 2022

Wellness Within: Week Retreat to Nourish your Mind, Body & Spirit

The Quest Towards Your Better Self

Have you strayed from your optimum way of being?

Do you feel disconnected from your vital self?

Are you seeking a getaway to nourish, rest, rejuvenate and reset?

This 5-night retreat has a focus on wellness practices aimed at supporting you in your quest towards your best self. Enjoy this time just for you!

  • Daily yoga, meditation & mindful movement classes
  • Nourishing vegan meals made with love
  • Nature hikes and walking meditations to bathe in the forest and connect with the earth
  • Workshops to encourage introspection and self-awareness promoting habit shifts, intention setting, and connecting to your true nature

No Experience is Necessary

Throughout the week you are invited to explore various forms of mindfulness meditations including sitting, walking and eating, as well as mindful movement through a variety of multi-levelled exercise practices and activities.

No experience with yoga or meditation is necessary! This retreat is perfect if you’re curious about it but not sure how to start or what to expect. This retreat is a perfect choice for you even if you have physical limitations to movement, little or no meditation or yoga experience. Beginners will discover how to sit comfortably, and experienced practitioners can deepen their practice. No need to sit on the floor if that’s not comfortable – chairs are always available, as well as guidance on modified poses.

Everything during your retreat is completely optional. This is YOUR time. If you need to sleep in then skip the early morning yoga session. If a massage is the nurturing you need, we can book that for you. Allow this time to be the kindest gift you could ever give yourself and honour your needs.

A Naturally Peaceful Experience

Just being immersed in the Sugar Ridge environment is a naturally peaceful experience; Autumn is a time to go within and nurture our own selves as we prepare for the darkness of the winter months. It is a time of deep introspection and self-care. This week is your time to relax, unwind, and reconnect body, mind and spirit as you become mindful of all that surrounds you and is within you. Listen to the birds, the breeze. Feel your heartbeat, the rise and fall of your breath.


Sunday 2nd October
Arrive and settle into your cabin
Group introductions and intro to our week
Gentle Yoga for Digestion & Relaxation 
Other Days
Morning Meditation & Breath practice
Yoga class – or sleep... do what you need!
Breakfast & free time
Morning Movement (hike, Pilates class, Gentle Strength, etc.)
Meditation practice and group discussion (self-awareness workshop, guided journalling, etc.)
Yoga class, hike or mindful activity (depending on day)
Evening Activity (movie, sound healing, bonfire, guided relaxation, etc.)
Departure Day
Yoga class or sleep – do what you need!
Breakfast and free time to pack up your cabin
Meditation & closing circle
Lunch -  Mindful Eating, Depart at your leisure.

Meet Your Facilitator

Jenny Jackson

Jenny Jackson has been immersed in Movement Education for more than 20 years. Jenny is a seeker of inner well-being, and she consciously aligns herself living with an open mind, an open heart and embodies joy & vitality which is reflected in her welcoming & inclusive style of instruction. She teaches with a strong anatomical influence while still deeply honouring the classical roots of yoga. Jenny believes that feeling vital and in harmony with others & within our own selves is the primary goal (in life and in our bodies), and practice should reflect this.

Book Your Retreat

Sunday October 2
Friday October 7
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$1430 + HST Semi-private (just 2 people in your cabin)

$1870 + HST Private cabin (just you in a cabin)

Please be in touch with any questions or help to register 866-609-1793 or email [email protected]


Shared - Cabin will be shared with up to 3 other guests of the same gender. If you are booking for just yourself, depending on the retreat, we will match you with other guests of the same gender.

Semi-private - Cabin will be shared with the 1 other person you are registering with. If booking alone, we will try to match you with someone of the same gender.

Private - Cabin for one person, not sharing with others.

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The Centre

Welcome to Sugar Ridge! It is our mission to provide a space for you to be nourished in body, mind and soul. From completely silent to dip your toe, testing mindfulness, we have what you’re looking for!

Please Note: This Retreat has now finished. See our upcoming retreats here.