Individual Retreats – Your Personal Getaway

Blue SkyWe’d love to host you and we’ve got plenty of space for you here at Sugar Ridge!  Looking for a place to get some needed R&R?  Enjoy a private cabin surrounded by the sounds of nature.  Breathe fresh air and sleep deeply.  A few days with a good book and a comfy bed can work wonders.

We have plenty of space to hike and play outside or to enjoy a meal on the patio. You can escape here to recharge and leave feeling revitalized.  Climb a tree if you want!

We have always catered to individuals wanting a private getaway but many people think we only host groups.  

You are welcome to join us for a getaway that doesn’t involve joining a group.  We can create a stay that suits your needs.  If you want to book the whole facility for your family/friends group, please be in touch to discuss available dates.  We will cater to what you want.

Guests are reminded prior to arrival to self screen for covid and asked to stay home, with no financial penalty, if they have any inkling of a covid symptom.  Here’s the link to self-screen for symptoms (Ontario Self Screening Tool) and stay home if you are at risk of spreading COVID-19 or a variant.

Whether you want to deepen your personal meditation practice or just sleep deeply, we will cater to your needs. You can use the studio when it’s available for your own practice or book a private Yoga or meditation class.  Personal life coaching or more in depth psychotherapy is also available but must be booked in advance.  Open all four seasons, you will find a uniqueness to every visit with an abundance of outdoor activities on the property and in the area.

Nourish your body with whole foods, prepared with love and catering to your food sensitivities.  If you want to fast we will nourish you in other ways. If you are fasting we ask that you check in with us once a day to see how you’re doing. Juice fasting or other cleanses are also options for your stay. We will not recommend what you should do but rather we will follow the dietary guidelines you provide us.

Sugar Ridge offers a variety of retreats and events throughout the year which you are welcome to join. Visit our Calendar of Events for a complete listing. Availability for a private retreat i.e. not part of a group event, depends on the needs of an organized retreat. We therefore, cannot guarantee individual cabin accommodations more than one month in advance – but we generally have a good sense of group size for scheduled events. If there is a group retreat happening during your stay, the retreat activities are not included in your stay.  You must join a retreat in order to be involved in the activities of that group.  

Want to be in Silence?
Meals can be timed to minimize contact with others if you are cultivating an introspective silence. We will respect your silence and inform other guests who may be here to avoid conversation etc. with you. You are welcome to use the studio for your private practice as long as there is not a group retreat happening during your stay.

Artists Love it here!
Discover the vibrant pallet of Sugar Ridge. Each season provides an abundant array of hues and tones to capture on canvas. Whatever your medium, you will connect to the creative part of you in the solitude of this natural setting. The shades of grey in November are as stunning as the yellows of August and the sparkling snow in January is magical.

Writers are welcome!
Whether it be finding the time to finish your thesis or to write a novel, Sugar Ridge is the perfect place to focus on the task. There is no TV or phone to distract you. Wireless internet allows you to stay connected as needed.

Most people escape here on their own so our Personal Getaways are rated for 1 Person. Rates can vary depending on which meals you want with your stay. Most guests park the car and have all meals here,  but some like to venture to local restaurants if they’re out sightseeing.  The daily rate for a Personal Getaway (one person) including 3 meals and accommodation is $295 + HST per night.  If you are booking a getaway for more than just yourself, please call for a quote as the rates are less, not multiples of the rate quoted here.

Private cabin accommodation with full breakfast for 1 or 2 people is $229 + HST. If you have more than 2 people staying in your cabin additional fees apply depending on age.  Children under 5 are free of charge, children ages 6 – 12 are $15 per night and adults are $35 per night.  This charge includes their accommodation and breakfast.

Other meals can be added to your stay as you wish: lunch is $22 per person and dinner is $45 per person. Rates for kids are less. For a longer term stay please call for a quote.