Individual Retreats – Your Personal Getaway

Blue SkyRetreats are happening within the current restrictions and gathering sizes.

We’d love to host you and we’ve got plenty of space for social distancing here at Sugar Ridge!  Looking for a place to get some needed R&R?  Enjoy a private cabin surrounded by the sounds of nature.  Breathe fresh air and sleep deeply.  A few days with a good book and a comfy bed can work wonders.

To adhere to the restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID19, we have various protocols in place to allow social distancing while you enjoy the ambiance of this natural setting.  We have plenty of space to hike and play outside or to safely enjoy a meal. You can escape here to recharge and leave feeling revitalized.  Climb a tree if you want!

We have always catered to individuals wanting a private getaway but many people think we only host groups.  Current restrictions allow for gatherings of  half our capacity and no restrictions as to how many people can sit together to dine either inside or outside.  This means were hosting groups again and enjoying using the studio with a new air filter in place.  

We do not require our staff to have a covid vaccine, nor do we require proof of vaccination for guests.  Sugar Ridge is not a restaurant, nor a gym, and we never have the general public coming and going – just one small group at a time and you’re here with the same people for the duration of your stay.

You are welcome to join us for a getaway that doesn’t involve joining a group.  We can create a stay that suits your needs and ensure social distancing protocols are in place for you.  If you want to book the whole facility for your family/friends group, please be in touch to discuss available dates.  We will cater to what you want.

We are located in Simcoe County which is a huge geographic area.  Throughout the pandemic, our staff have remained healthy and observe all guidelines for social isolating, social distancing etc. and other protocols as they have been announced.  Staff are screened daily upon arrival to work and are supported to stay home if they feel unwell.

Guests are reminded prior to arrival to screen for covid and asked to stay home, with no financial penalty, if they have any inkling of a covid symptom.

Here’s what we’re doing while restrictions are in place:

  • we’ve always been clean freaks so the change in cleaning routines is to add frequent wiping of door handles and surfaces which guests may come into contact with
  • for assurance on air quality, we’ve added HEPA air purifiers to the studio and dining room, providing an air exchange of 4 times per hour.  In warm weather we have plenty of windows to open.
  • there is no financial penalty for a guest to postpone their stay if they feel unwell or have any symptoms of covid.
  • You are expected to self-screen for symptoms (Ontario Self Screening Tool) and stay home if you are at risk of spreading COVID-19 or a variant.
  • it’s possible to enter and exit with a gentle elbow to the automatic door opener and no touch to a door handle is needed
  • hand sanitizer is available immediately upon entry and inside the building near common touch points
  • staff are always washing hands, especially in the kitchen but now we wash between tasks of cleaning one cabin before going to the next cabin, after cleaning the studio or wiping down high traffic areas etc.  
  • when booking a private stay guests have a private cabin – this is always the norm when not part of a group retreat but we want to clarify that fact
  • it’s easy to have a contactless arrival and departure (although we’re used to hugging we are managing to restrain ourselves:)
  • we always keep cabins clean and disinfect between guests as part of our normal protocol.  When possible we have a 72 hour vacancy period after a cabin is used before it is occupied again.  When that isn’t possible it is more thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and all linens are changed including pillow protectors.
  • guests are assigned a shower and toilet to use during their stay to minimize sharing facilities 
  • we ask that guests allow 1 person to be in the washroom common space (sink area) at a time even though there’s plenty of room for more – that might mean waiting in your shower area for someone else to enter or exit the room, or wear a mask if you want to pass by
  • we ask that guests wash their hands both before and after using the washroom facilities to prevent any potential touch of door handles and surfaces
  • meals are served by staff and not in our usual self-serve buffet manner
  • when required to only serve take out meals, guests are provided a tray with real dishes and tableware to enjoy a meal in their cabin – this is only done when required or upon request
  • the tea service area is not available at this time to minimize touch between guests, but any staff member is happy to make you a tea or hot chocolate whenever you want.  We’ve also added kettles and a variety of tea to each cabin so you can make one yourself if staff aren’t around.
  • we ask that guests wash their hands before eating, or using the yoga studio; hand sanitizer is also available
  • our studio can accommodate up to 40 people, but we are currently only using it as allowed for various restrictions: that might mean socially distanced with a facilitator with a group size determined by legal gathering limits, or by an individual (sign up sheet) when no gathering is allowed
  • classes can be offered outside when indoor gathering isn’t allowed – our patio has an awning cover and heaters to protect from weather and foam pads to put under yoga mats
  • If someone is immune compromised they need to ensure they follow all precautions they will need to be safe and inform staff of anything they need.  We will support in any reasonable way we can.
  • staff are treated like family here and if anyone felt symptoms of any illness, they are supported to stay home and their job is never in jeopardy
  • guests are encouraged to bring their own masks to wear inside common areas. It is suggested to wear a mask inside except once seated for dining or in a studio class.  We have masks to provide to anyone who doesn’t have one.
  • any visitor to the centre who is not a guest is required to don a mask and sanitize hands before entering the building

Whether you want to deepen your personal meditation practice or just sleep deeply, we will cater to your needs. You can use the studio when it’s available for your own practice or book a private Yoga or meditation class.  Personal life coaching or more in depth psychotherapy is also available but must be booked in advance.  Open all four seasons, you will find a uniqueness to every visit with an abundance of outdoor activities on the property and in the area.

Nourish your body with whole foods, prepared with love and catering to your food sensitivities.  If you want to fast we will nourish you in other ways. If you are fasting we ask that you check in with us once a day to see how you’re doing. Juice fasting or other cleanses are also options for your stay. We will not recommend what you should do but rather we will follow the dietary guidelines you provide us.

Sugar Ridge offers a variety of retreats and events throughout the year which you are welcome to join. Visit our Calendar of Events for a complete listing. Availability for a private retreat i.e. not part of a group event, depends on the needs of an organized retreat. We therefore, cannot guarantee individual cabin accommodations more than one month in advance – but we generally have a good sense of group size for scheduled events. If there is a group retreat happening during your stay, the retreat activities are not included in your stay.  You must join a retreat in order to be involved in the activities of that group.  

Want to be in Silence?
Meals can be timed to minimize contact with others if you are cultivating an introspective silence. We will respect your silence and inform other guests who may be here to avoid conversation etc. with you. You are welcome to use the studio for your private practice as long as there is not a group retreat happening during your stay.

Artists Love it here!
Discover the vibrant pallet of Sugar Ridge. Each season provides an abundant array of hues and tones to capture on canvas. Whatever your medium, you will connect to the creative part of you in the solitude of this natural setting. The shades of grey in November are as stunning as the yellows of August and the sparkling snow in January is magical.

Writers are welcome!
Whether it be finding the time to finish your thesis or to write a novel, Sugar Ridge is the perfect place to focus on the task. There is no TV or phone to distract you. Wireless internet allows you to stay connected as needed.

Most people escape here on their own so our Personal Getaways are rated for 1 Person. Rates can vary depending on which meals you want with your stay. Most guests park the car and have all meals here,  but some like to venture to local restaurants if they’re out sightseeing.  The daily rate for a Personal Getaway (one person) including 3 meals and accommodation is $260 + HST per night.  If you are booking a getaway for more than just yourself, please call for a quote as the rates are less, not multiples of the rate quoted here.

Private cabin accommodation with full breakfast for 1 or 2 people is $209 + HST. If you have more than 2 people staying in your cabin additional fees apply depending on age.  Children under 5 are free of charge, children ages 6 – 12 are $15 per night and adults are $35 per night.  This charge includes their accommodation and breakfast.

Other meals can be added to your stay as you wish: lunch is $19 per person and dinner is $35 per person. Rates for kids are less. For a longer term stay please call for a quote.