Apple Oatmeal Pancakes

(makes ~12 pancakes)

1 ½ cups    quick rolled oats
2 cups        milk

1 cup         flour
1 tbsp        baking powder
1 tsp          salt
½  tsp         cinnamon

2 tbsp.       ground flax seeds (heaping) added to ½ cup water     [egg substitute]

¼ cup         shredded apple     [butter/margarine substitute; can add more apple]


  1. Mix together milk and rolled oats in a large bowl and leave for 5 min to soak  (this is for “quick oats”; soak longer if using “rolled oats” or “large flake oats”).
  2. Blend together dry ingredients and add to milk-oatmeal mixture.
  3. Mix ground flax and water and let stand until it is goopy (~5 min).
  4. Add flax-water mixture and shredded apple into the batter.
  5. Cook on lightly greased griddle until bubbly on top, then flip and cook until browned.


Healthier Modifications:

  • Gluten free flour can be substituted for wheat flour. Unless specified that it can be added one-to-one as a substitution (like with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour), add 1.5x the amount of gluten free flour.  Also, add Xanthum Gum when using gluten free flour to hold it together better.
  • Butter/margarine is substituted with shredded apple. Other options are applesauce or mashed banana (or both!)  Extra fruit makes the batter heavier/wetter, so you may wish to reduce the amount of liquid added.