Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Pizza is definitely one of my favourite foods. Though, I have not sworn off of grain crusts, I am trying to eat less carbs as of late. So, this seemed like a great time to test out this cauliflower pizza crust that I keep hearing about. The recipe is relatively new to me, so I may make changes to it as time goes on, but this is a version I have been working with that has had some pretty good results.

The cauliflower crust is not an exact imitation of a grain crust in taste, but it is a good crust. The mild flavour of the cauliflower allows the spices you add to dictate the end-result flavour. This recipe is definitely worth a try and may help you to justify having pizza more often!  And, in my books, that is always a good thing!

Happy baking!