Sugar Ridge’s Hot Chocolate Directory!

Whether you are just coming inside from shovelling snow (again!) or playing in the white stuff with your kids or even want to warm up while reading a good book, hot chocolate is an eternal Canadian favourite! It is also a drink that everyone can enjoy, as it can be done full-on with milk, marshmallows and whipped cream or easily veganized with the alt-milk of your choice (I recommend almond or soy for this job).

Well, we love hot chocolate here too and want to make sure that you know you can easily get your hot chocolate fix in the Sugar Ridge neighbourhood.  We always have organic, fair trade hot chocolate ready to go on tea table, but we really wanted to focus your attention to the many amazing local establishments that offer it.

We will not recommend a favourite hot chocolate, as different people will really appreciate different things for the “perfect” hot chocolate.  What we can tell you is that each of these Midland-area places makes a mean hot chocolate… try them all and tell us your favourite!



Grounded Coffee Company - Midland
292 King St, Midland

Grounded is a great cafe on the main street of Midland. Aside from the coffee that they are known for, they also have many in-house baked goods that are a must try. (This is where our son Ben always asks to go!)



Elegant Gourmet - Midland235 King St, Midland

The Elegant Gourmet is a chocolate store and a coffee shop and it really does not matter for which purpose you are going in for, they are great all around.  They know chocolate!


Ciboulette et Cie - Midland

248 King St, Midland

Ciboulette et Cie (translated to “Chives and Co.” for you fellow Anglophones) is a gourmet food shop and cafe. Lots of scrumptous food to try and take home and Mexican Hot Chocolate!


 SerendipiTea - Midland244 King St, Midland

SeredipiTea is a tea room that, besides the hot chocolate, has (you guessed it) lots and lots of tea to serve and sell.  The meals there are great too…. all with tablecloths and cloth napkins!


Froth Cafe - Penetanguishene

102 Main St, Penetanguishene

Froth Cafe is the one suggestion not on Midland’s main street. Located just 10 min up the road from Midland, in Penetanguishene, they are definitely worth a stop.  They have several types of hot chocolate and, as our son used to go to school just down the road from Froth, we would have to stop there to warm up before driving home.


As you can see, lots to choose from in our area! We wholeheartedly recommend all of these places for a great hot chocolate when you are out on the town. That being said, we only touched on several of the more obvious local stops for hot chocolate.  If we missed any other good ones, we apologize.  Please contact us and we’ll be sure to mention it!

Here are two upcoming opportunities for you to stay at Sugar Ridge and play in the area… while you are sampling the local hot chocolate, of course!

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